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About Me

Tamika D. Ford is the founder and owner of Ford Resolutions. Her passion for learning, sharing her knowledge, and helping others led to the formation of Ford Resolutions.

Tamika is a mediator, litigation paralegal, commissioned notary and loan signing agent, and certified educator in the states of Texas and Mississippi.  After spending many years working with a prestigious law firm and in the educational system, Tamika felt compelled to share her talent and skills with others.

Born and reared in Natchez, Mississippi, Tamika comes from an extended family of hard-working, self-driven individuals. Her grandparents were strong pillars of the community and civil rights advocates. Their legacies were instrumental in her strong work ethic and sense of giving back to the community. 

In 2012, Tamika earned a Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies from Mississippi College, a liberal arts school near Jackson, Mississippi. While attending Mississippi College, Tamika interned with a local personal injury firm that specialized in cases involving personal injury and wrongful death claims in nursing homes and prisons. Always seeking deeper learning and eager to broaden her knowledge, Tamika pursued graduate work and earned a Master of Education in Teaching Arts from Mississippi College in 2014 and was accepted into Mississippi College of Law in 2015.​​

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